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2.7. Image Manager: Delete Images

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How to delete a single image: 
To delete a single image, click on the "trash can icon" to the right of the image thumbnail (see figure #7). A warning box will appear that says "You are about to delete one image. If you have live auctions linking to these images, the images will disappear from your auctions! Are you sure you want to do this?" If you are sure, click on the OK button. If not, click on Cancel button.



How to delete multiple images:
This is a much more powerful action. There is no need to click on any Select checkbox for images. Instead, click on the Delete Multiple Images button in the gray action bar under the SSB menu.

A small menu will open. There are four options available to choose from.



You will receive a warning: "Images will be Removed." Click on the Confirm button or on Cancel.


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