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Image Manager Action Bar:

1. Category
To display the images contained in a certain category use the Category drop down menu. The page will automatically refresh and show the images for that particular category. When you upload images they will also be available in the New Uploads category; new uploads are listed in this category for 24 hours.

When inside a category you can get back to the full listing of your images by choosing the All Images from the Category drop-down menu.

2. Sort by
By default, images are displayed within their categories based on their file name. To change the sort order, use the drop down menu next to the sort by field to select a new sorting order.
3. # Per Page
You may increase or decrease the number of images shown on each page by selecting a number from the # Per Page drop down menu.
4. Search
To quickly locate an image you may use the search function. You may choose to search for your image(s) either by file name, by caption, or by notes (Image Info). Type in the file name or portion of the caption you would like to search on in the Search field, select the location (In Name, In Caption, or In Info) via the dropdown menu, then click the Search button. The page will refresh and show you all images matching your search criteria.
5. Move Selected to
To move multiple images to a new category click on the Select check-box located to the left of each the images you wish to re-categorize. Next select the category from the Move Selected to drop down menu and then click the Move button.
6. Delete Multiple Images
Click on the Delete Multiple Images button.
A small menu will open. There are four options available to choose from.

  • Delete All on this page: Deletes all images that are on the page you are currently viewing.
  • Delete Selected images only: Deletes all images that you have selected on the page you are currently viewing.
  • Delete All in this category: Deletes all images that are in the category that you select using the drop down menu.
  • Delete All before this date: Deletes all images prior to the date you have selected using the calendar drop down.

You will receive a warning: "Images will be Removed." Click on the Confirm button or on Cancel.


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