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6.10. Seller Profiles: Set a Default Template

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A default template may be selected for any profile. This is optional and not required.

The template you wish to set as your "default template" must first be placed in your "My Favorite Templates" category. To do this, go to the Template Gallery, locate the template, and click on the lock icon.

How to select a default template:
Select the Edit action to edit the profile.

In the Seller Profiles screen, go to the Default Template field and select the template name.

Then, click the Update button.

Do this for any profile you wish to have a default template.

Note: The default template is applied to NEW listings only. If you create a listing, and then switch your profile within the Listing Generator, the profile you switch to will not carry over its default template. Your template will stay the same.

Note: In Site Preferences, if you have checkmarked, New Listing will always use last selected template, please note that default templates overrides this. If a default template is specified in your profile, the default template will be loaded instead of the last selected template.

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