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3.11. Why is my private listing showing for everyone?

The private listing feature is confusing on eBay. When you check the box for 'Private Listing' you are actually making it so that buyers' ID's will not be shown in the listing or in the bidding history. You can read about a private listing here https://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/private.html

If you need to set up a private listing for a particular eBay buyer, here is what you can do:

Put 'PRIVATE listing for xxxxxxxx' in your title and then state it in the listing as well. In the description, state that if someone else purchases the item, that it will not be shipped and will be refunded immediately. If someone were to do that, you would get your fees back for you clearly stated the terms in your listing.

Once the item is launched to Ebay, send your buyer the listing number so that they can purchase it right away.

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