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19.3. What happens to my listings if I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your SSB subscription, your SSB account will be closed when your paid time is up. When the account is closed, its images and templates will be taken offline. Any active listings will remain on the listing site(s) to which they were launched, but their descriptions may be visually impacted.

Any SSB-hosted images in your listings' descriptions (including template graphics) will be replaced with placeholder images that state "Seller's Image No Longer Online". This is because the embedded images link directly to our image servers. (While your account is open, we host your images for you. When your account is closed, we are no longer your image host, so your images are taken offline and their URLs now point to these placeholders.)

Should you decide to leave our service, please be sure that your SSB listings have ended or will end before your paid time is up, or else revise your active listings to remove or replace the SSB-hosted images.

If you're considering canceling, and if this is due to any issues with our program, we would welcome the opportunity to make things right. Please contact our help desk at support@sellersourcebook.com.

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