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1.17. Invalid Category - 1001 database error

We provide a Previously Used Category selector for your convenience. This list contains the last 50 categories you have used. As eBay occasionally makes category changes (and not always with advanced notice to SSB), you may encounter an invalid category error message when you select a category, or see "1001 database error" and be unable to proceed.

If you receive such an error message, first click the Manage categories button and view the list of previously used categories. Checkmark the category you tried to use, and delete it. Then, drill down via the Use New Category selector to obtain your category. Once you have listed an item to the updated category, that category will be added to the previously used categories list.

You may also notice that eBay has assigned a new category number to the category, and this time your category is accepted. An invalid category number is another reason why the Create Variations button could be missing.

We do make the effort to purge invalid categories from our subscribers' accounts, but we may not catch all obsolete, merged, or renumbered categories. If we miss one, please contact our help desk and let us know.

You may also "clean out" previously used categories you no longer plan to use via the Manage button, as described above.

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