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15.8. Why wasn't my listing saved?

We give our subscribers a choice whether or not to save their listings. If you wish to have a listing for archival purposes, we suggest that you save it via the Save menu on the Listing Generator.

If you do not save the listing before launching or scheduling it, it will not appear in Saved Listings.  The only one that will appear is the last one you had attempted to launch. This is our special Listing Clipboard. This gives you the chance to save your listing before this one is overwritten by the next listing you attempt to launch.

To see a log of all active listings and listings that have ended in the past 90 days, navigate to Listings > eBay Items > Launched. Here, your launched listings are shown automatically by our system.  Information on listings that are no longer active is retained for a period of 90 days.  Since the listings are not held indefinitely, if you hold inventory for certain items or sell them seasonally, we suggest saving your listing via the Save menu in the Listing Generator. While we don't retain the eBay-specific (launch form) information in SSB Saved Listings, the rest of your listing is retained in our system indefinitely (until you delete the Saved Listing). Saved Listings, in effect, are more for archival reasons.

There is no need to save a listing this way unless you anticipate needing it in the future. Another reason to save would be if you are listing to sites that are not supported by our launcher, as code changes are more easily done if you have the original listing saved at SSB.


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