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3.5. How do I revise a listing I posted or relisted at eBay?

You may revise your listing at eBay, provided it has no bids, and does not end within 12 hours. There are two ways to do this:


Navigate to Listings > eBay Items > Launched.

Enter your eBay Item ID in the search box at the upper right and corner and click Search.

Our system will import your listing from eBay.

When the listing appears, choose the action Revise from the option list.

When you land in the Listing Launcher, click Edit Item Description in the action bar.

You will be brought to the Listing Generator. 

Make any changes you need to make here.

Now, just click Back to Launcher and then Revise Now.





First, please go to your saved listing draft at SSB, click the tools icon and you will be back in the Listing Generator.

Make your revisions and preview your listing. Then click on the Save button and then on Save to save your changes.

Next, click on the Code button on the upper right of screen.

On the Get Code screen we have a button named Copy Code. Clicking this button will copy all of the HTML code that makes up your listing to the clipboard. The clipboard is an invisible area on each computer that is used to temporarily store cut or copied information.  *FF Users: Click on Copy Code.  Right click in the code box and then select Copy.

Next go to eBay and choose to revise your auction.  Click the Active link under My eBay Views, the list of items you are currently selling appears.  Find the item you want to revise and select the pull-down menu under the Action column and click the Revise link.  The Revise Your Listing page appears.

When you reach the Description field click on the HTML tab.  Click inside the description box at the beginning of the code and hit the Ctrl and A keys together on your keyboard. This will highlight (select) all the HTML code. Now press the delete key on your keyboard. You should now have a blank box. Please make sure there is no text at all in the description box.

Now right-click in the description box and select paste. Your new HTML code will appear in the box.

Be sure to preview your listing by clicking on the Preview link just below the HTML box. Don't change to the standard tab as eBay's WYSIWYG editor will sometimes strip out code and cause display issues.

If all looks well click on Close to close your preview.  Click on the Continue button and then on the Submit Revisions button to update your eBay listing.

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