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5.9. How do I select or refresh my store categories?

Your eBay store categories need to be downloaded while working within the Listing Launcher form.

It's a one-time requirement, and needs to be done again only if you have changed the categories at eBay.

In the Categories section of the form, click on the Refresh button next to the Main Store Category dropdown menu. Once you have done this, your store categories should be available for selection.

Note: If the categories do not update immediately, they will update when you next visit the Listing Launcher. If you know you'll need to list to a new or updated store category right away, we recommend that you Refresh your store categories as soon as you can. Then, if you click "Cancel" (to be returned to the Listing Generator), and "Prepare to Launch" (to reopen the Listing Launcher), you'll be able to select the updated category.

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