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2.1. Etsy to eBay

Action: To eBay:

If you would like to sell a similar an item from Etsy to eBay, navigate to Listings > Etsy Items > Draft & Active.

Select the listing's To eBay action. This action may be used for both draft and published listings.

Your listing information will populate to the Listing Generator. Your images, Title, and Item Description will be loaded. By default, we load the Plain & Simple template and the last image layout used, but you are free to change the template and select a different layout.

When ready to launch your item to eBay, click the Prepare to Launch button. You will reach the eBay Listing Launcher. We consider your previously used category, and offer you a list of suggested eBay categories for your selection. If you do not select one of these categories (for example, you've clicked the cancel button), we will show the category you had used at Etsy next to the Category Number field for your reference. However, you must pick an eBay category to continue.

At this time, we are not able to match Etsy Attributes to eBay Item Specifics because they are category dependent and there isn't a one-to-one match between Etsy and eBay categories. eBay does not support tags, so they are dropped. Be sure to enter any required item specifics. If you had calculated shipping in your Etsy listing, the weight and package dimensions will be copied to the eBay Listing Launcher.

Fill out all other necessary fields including your payment, shipping and returns information. When finished, click "Launch Now." You also have the option to schedule your listing.

Please note that "To eBay" does NOT end your original Etsy listing. If you don't want to be running the items concurrently, please go back to Etsy Items Draft & Active, and "Remove from Etsy." Otherwise, leave it but be sure to end your Etsy item if the item sells at eBay. Our system does NOT automatically end duplicate items!


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