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8.1. eBay to Etsy

Action: To Etsy:

If you would like to sell a similar item from eBay to Etsy, navigate to Listings > eBay Items > Launched.

Select the listing's To Etsy action. You can choose this action for both active and ended items.

The Etsy Lister will load with some listing information inserted. Your photos, Listing Details and Item Description will be loaded, as well as your Price, Quantity and SKU. For auction-style items, we will use the start price, unless a BIN existed. In that case, we use the BIN price instead. If you were using a calculated shipping profile, we will load the Item Weight and Item Size values, but it is up to you to select an appropriate Etsy shipping profile.

Etsy allows 10 images only. We load all your eBay item images (up to 24) to the Etsy Lister for your convenience, so that you may decide which 10 you wish to send to Etsy. If you have more than 10 images, you will see a warning that says, "Etsy allows 10 images only. Please review and remove extra images before saving a draft or publishing your listing." If you forget to remove the extras, you will be shown an error by Etsy, and Etsy will drop the images from the end of the list, but the listing will still launch.

Since Etsy does not support designer templates, the template will be automatically removed from your item description. We attempt to separate your profile information for readability, but you may need to edit your text for best appearance.

Because category structure differs between eBay and Etsy, we do not select a category for you, but instead display the category you used at eBay for your reference. You will need to search for an appropriate Etsy category (using the magnifying glass icon) and select it.

We also copy your eBay Item Specifics to your Etsy tags, for reference. You can refer to this information to select your Etsy Attributes, and then remove the unneeded tags. At this time, we are not able to match eBay Item Specifics to Etsy Attributes because they are category dependent and there isn't a one-to-one match between eBay and Etsy.

Fill out all other necessary fields within the form. Select an appropriate shipping profile and a return policy. When finished, either "Save as Draft" or "Publish" your listing.

Please note that "To Etsy" does NOT end your original eBay listing. If you don't want to be running the items concurrently, please go back to eBay Items and end your item if it's active at eBay. Otherwise, leave it but be sure to end your eBay item if the item sells at Etsy. Our system does NOT automatically end duplicate items!


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