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9.1. APK File Installation FAQ

APK File Installation FAQ:

An APK file is an Android application file. (APK stands for "Android Package Kit".) If you download an APK file to your phone, you can install the application it contains.

If you're having trouble downloading and installing an APK file, please read the following:

Why won't my phone let me download/install the APK file?

For user safety, many phones discourage downloading or installing apps found outside of an app store. To download and install APK files, your internet browser and file explorer must first be allowed to do so.

Go to your phone settings and look for "Apps" or "Apps & Notifications". In the top-right corner, tap on the 3-dot menu icon. Then, tap "Special access". Scroll down to the bottom of the list (swipe your finger up from the bottom of the screen toward the top) and tap on "Install unknown apps".

There are two apps you should look for, here: the internet browser you want to download the file with (e.g. "Samsung Internet", "Chrome", "Firefox", etc.), and the file explorer you want to open the file with (e.g. "My Files"). If either of these apps say "Not allowed", tap on the app, then tap on the toggle next to "Allow from this source".

Where did my phone save the APK file?

By default, downloads are usually saved in a Downloads folder on your phone. If you haven't changed where your phone saves downloaded files, the APK file should be in Downloads. Open your phone's file explorer app (e.g. "My Files") and look for your Downloads folder.

If your file explorer app has a search bar, you could also try searching for ".apk" (without the quotes). For example, if you've download the old version of our SSB Uploader (Version 1.0.5), the file you're looking for is "SSB_Uploader_1-0-5.apk".

How do I use the APK file to install the app?

Once the file is on your phone, and you've located it using your phone's file explorer app (e.g. My Files), simply tap on the file to "open" it. (Note: If you have more than one app on your phone that could open it, you will be prompted to select which app to open it with. Select the "Package Installer" app or its equivalent.)

You'll then be asked if you want to install the application. If the app requires any additional special access, you may also be asked if you wish to allow access. To install the app, click "Install".


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