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5.21. How do I list my item in Collectibles & Art?

How do I list my item in the Collectibles & Art category? I don't see it in the list of categories.

Collectibles & Art is a category group meant to help potential buyers more easily find items. It is not available to sellers as a selectable category*, and it has no category number.

*(On eBay's own listing form, you can see under 'All categories' that eBay offers "Art" and "Collectibles", but not "Collectibles & Art". Since we receive category data from eBay's API, our eBay listers show the same categories as eBay's form.)

Instead, you should list your item in a category that eBay considers part of the Collectibles & Art group. If you're not sure which category to use, please use the "Search the categories" button at SSB and enter some keywords to receive category suggestions from eBay.


Which parent categories are part of Collectibles & Art?

"Art" and "Collectibles" are not the only parent categories grouped under Collectibles & Art. As of February 2023, the following categories are listed under the "Shop by Category" heading on the eBay US Collectibles & Art page:

Although most of the categories in this list are considered part of Collectibles & Art group, two are not. *("Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop" is placed under "Sporting Goods". "Vintage & Antique Jewelry", which belongs to "Jewelry & Watches", is placed under "Clothing, Shoes & Accessories".)


How can I tell if an item category is part of Collectibles & Art?

To check whether or not a category is part of Collectibles & Art, go to eBay and find the page for that category (or an item listed to that category), then look at the category path shown near the top of the page.

Look for the first step in the path (excluding "eBay"). (Note: Each step in the category path is separated by a ">" symbol. If the path is long, you may see three dots (⋯) in a circle. Click on the circle to check its contents.) If "Collectibles & Art" is there, then the category you're checking is part of Collectibles & Art. For example:

"Cufflink Bases" (which belongs to "Crafts") is part of Collectibles & Art:

eBay > Collectibles & Art > Crafts > Beads & Jewelry Making > Jewelry Findings > Cufflink Blanks

"Vintage & Antique Cufflinks" (which belongs to "Jewelry & Watches) is NOT part of Collectibles & Art:

eBay > Clothing, Shoes & Accessories > Jewelry & Watches > Vintage & Antique Jewelry > Cufflinks

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