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9.2. First Time Transfer Guide

First Time Transfer Guide:

If this is your first time transferring eBay listings from one Seller ID (the "original ID") to another (the "target ID") using our program, the process involves the following broad steps:

  1. Preparing Profiles and Tokens
  2. Importing Listings from eBay
  3. Applying Templates to Imported Listings
  4. Transferring Listings

(Note: If you regularly use our Listing Launcher, and only wish to transfer listings made via SSB, you may already meet the transfer requirements. If all requirements are met, steps 1-3 do not apply to you, so you may skip to step 4.)


First, for each Seller ID, you need to have a Seller Profile and a valid Token. Both profiles need to be for the same Listing Site. If this is already true, skip to Step 2.

Navigate to Listings > Utilities > Seller Profiles.

Profiles: In the Profile List, do you have profiles for both your original and target Seller IDs? Are they both for the same Listing Site?

If not, you'll need to Create a Seller Profile. Click on the "Create New Profile" button to start making a profile. You'll be prompted to select a Listing Site. Select the listing site, then enter the Seller ID you wish to make this profile for. Enter a Profile Name to help you remember the purpose of this profile, then click "Save". If this is your first time making a profile for this Seller ID, you may be immediately redirected to get a token for it.

If you need to edit a saved profile, look for that profile in the Profile List and select "Edit" from its Actions dropdown.

Tokens: Below the Profile List, in the Token Management Table, do you have tokens for both your original and target Seller IDs? Are they both valid?

If not, you'll need to Get a Token. To the right of the Seller ID you wish to get a token for, select "Get token" from the Actions dropdown. Click OK on the redirect screen and sign in to eBay when prompted. Be sure to sign in to the Seller ID that you need the token for! eBay may ask you to authorize SSB to interact with your listings. Be sure to Agree & Continue to generate the token.

Once you have profiles and tokens for both your Seller IDs, and both profiles are for the same listing site, you're ready to move on.


Next, you need to use our Listings Import utility to import your items from the original Seller ID. You should import the images, too. This should be done for any items you wish to transfer that do NOT currently exist in your eBay Items Launched or Imported views (i.e. they were created at eBay and have not yet been imported). If all of the items you wish to transfer are already at SSB, skip to Step 3.

Listings Import Instructions:

Navigate to Listings > eBay Items > Listings Import.

For Seller ID, select your original ID. You will be shown a list of items for your Seller ID. You can import up to 50 listings at a time.

To import both the listings and your images from eBay, keep the default "Listing & Image" option (recommended).

You will see image width & quality settings. If your existing images at eBay are 1600px wide, and you wish them to be imported the same width to your Seller Sourcebook account, be sure to select 1600px and the maximum quality setting. This is the image size that we will send back to eBay for any new listings or listing transfers.

Use the checkboxes to select which items you wish to import. We suggest selecting only a few listings, to start.

When ready, click on the "Import Checked Items" button. You will taken to the eBay Items Imported view, where your imported listings will be displayed. The import progress of imported images will be shown in a message near the top of the page.

After importing listings, the action "Apply Template" will be available within the Actions drop down list for individual listings. The action bar (top or bottom of the page) will have an "Apply Template" button as well as an "Import More Items" button.

For more detailed information on this step, click here.


Once listings have been imported, you'll need to use the Apply Template utility to apply SSB templates to your imported listings. Doing this converts them to SSB listings, so our transfer utilities will recognize them. If your imported listings already have SSB templates, skip to Step 4.

Apply Template Instructions:

Navigate to Listings > eBay Items > Imported.

You may apply a template to up to 20 listings at once, but we recommend applying a template to one listing, first, to see how it affects your listing description. (This is especially important if your listing description already contains a third party template, as our template code may conflict with the existing template.)

[!] Note: If your listing's appearance is negatively affected by the template application, please contact our support desk for assistance before continuing. We may be able to reverse the change.

To apply a template to one listing, look to the right of your listing, and select "Apply Template" from the Actions dropdown menu.

To apply a template to multiple listings (up to 20 at a time), select one or more items via the checkboxes shown before the listings' Item Titles, then click on the "Apply Template" button in the top action bar.

When you enter the Apply Template workspace, the "Select a Template" page will open.

Select a Template Category or use the search box in the top-right to look for a template. To select a template, simply click on its thumbnail.

(i) Tip: The plainest template we have is named "Blank - Only Text & Photos", and can be found by searching for "blank" or "plain".

At the next page, your selected template will be indicated in the top action bar. Below, you may uncheck any listings, if you wish.

Near the top-right, you should see an option labeled "include imported image in template". If you leave this checkmarked, your images will automatically be embedded within the template (using our full-split layout) when the template is applied to your listing description.

When you're ready, click on the "Apply Template Now" button, and the template you've chosen will be applied to all selected items at eBay.

You should see a dialog box confirming that the template has been applied. If there are any errors, they will be shown here. Only items that qualify for revision (per eBay's rules) may have templates applied. If your item ends in 12 hours, or has bids or pending offers, you will not be able to apply a template.

You will be returned to the eBay Items Imported view. You may select other items to apply a template. 

(Note: When using the Apply Template utility, no profile information from your SSB Seller Profile is inserted into the listing. We simply wrap the original listing description in a template. If you want information from your profile inserted into the listing as well, or wish to change to a different template or layout, you may perform a Revise action from eBay Items Imported after applying the template.)

For more detailed information on this step, click here.


You should now be able to Transfer your listings using one of our transfer utilities! Listings may be transferred individually or in groups of up to 20. Individual transfers allow for the description to be edited during the transfer process.

Navigate to Listings > eBay Items > Imported.

Transfer Instructions:

To transfer your items individually, continue to our article on Using the Single Item Listing Transfer Utility.

To transfer up to 20 items at once, continue to our article on Using the Bulk Transfer Utility.

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