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8.1. Transferring eBay Items: Overview & Requirements

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Our transfer utilities allow you to transfer active SSB listings from one eBay Seller ID to another Seller ID on the same listing site. Although "transfer" implies that each listing will simply be moved from one ID to another, eBay does not permit listings to be moved between accounts. Instead, our utilities copy the original ID's listing, launch a near-duplicate listing to the target ID, and then end the original listing.

Transfers may be done either individually, via our Single Item Listing Transfer Utility, or in groups, via our Bulk Transfer Utility. To transfer items, you'll need to have a profile and a token for each Seller ID. The transfer utilities only transfer SSB listings, so if your listings were made at eBay, you'll also need to import the listings you wish to transfer, and apply templates to them (to convert them to our system).

Transfer Requirements:

Both utilities have the same requirements for transferring items. To transfer items, the following statements must be true:

1. For each Seller ID, you have at least one Seller Profile (for the same Listing Site as the other ID) and a valid Token.

Profiles are required by our program, while tokens give us permission to work with your items. The listing site must be the same for each profile because our utility can only transfer between IDs on the same eBay site. (In other words, you can transfer items from one eBay US account to another eBay US account, but not from an eBay US account to an eBay UK account. eBay Motors (US) is treated as a separate site to eBay US, so if you wish to transfer Motors listings, you must set up profiles for Motors.)

2. The listings that you wish to transfer are recorded in your Seller Sourcebook account.

When you launch a listing via SSB or import a listing from eBay, a record of that listing is added to your SSB account (in either your eBay Items Launched view or Imported view, respectively). We call this a "listing record", and each of your listings must have one in order to be transferable. When you import listings that were not made via SSB, be sure to import their images with them.

3. The listings that you wish to transfer have Seller Sourcebook templates.

The utilities will only transfer "SSB listings", or listings that have SSB templates. The template is a framework that surrounds your listing description and contains variables used by our program. Listings made via SSB should already have templates, but listings imported from eBay will need to have SSB templates applied to them. Applying templates is what converts listings to our system.

If you regularly use our Listing Launcher and only wish to transfer listings made via SSB, you may already meet these requirements.

If you are new to our service and/or will be transferring items that were made directly at eBay, please follow the steps in the First Time Transfer Guide. The first 3 steps correspond to the 3 requirements listed above.

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