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The Inventory List can be found on the Inventory Items page. It gives you an "at-a-glance" view of your items and their quantities. In addition to managing your inventory, you may also view an inventory history for each SKU and print reports for your records.
Inventory List Action Bar:
The action bar contains dropdowns you can use to change the sort order ("Sort by") of the Inventory List, and which Category you're currently viewing. It also contains two buttons: Add Inventory Item and Manage Inventory Categories.

Inventory List:
A list of your inventory items, arranged in a table. This table will be shown once you have created your first inventory item on the Inventory Items page. It contains the following columns:

Image | Item | SKU | Category | Quantity on Hand | Quantity Available to List | Quantity Sold | Actions

The Image, Item (Name), and SKU are pulled from item information. Quantities are re-calculated as items are sold. A number of actions are available for each inventory item.


Edit: Select if you wish to edit the inventory item's information.

Update Qty: Select if you wish to update the item quantity (e.g. if you have obtained more stock).

Delete: Select to delete the item's inventory record. (Note: We recommend doing this only for items you never intend to sell again, as the results are permanent.)

List Item: Select to start a new listing for that inventory item. The Item (Name), Image, and Description will prefill the Item Header, first image position and Item Description, within the Listing Generator form. The SKU and the GTIN (if provided) will be prefilled within the Listing Launcher form, as well as the current item quantity.

View History: Select to view the history of your inventory item, and print records if needed. (Note: This action will not be shown for items that have not yet been listed.)

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