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6.7. Seller Profiles: Token Management

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The Launcher Token Management section can be found below the Profile List on the Seller Profiles page. Here, you can manage your tokens.

Launcher Token Management:
A list of your Tokens, arranged in a table. The table lists each token's Seller ID, Listing Service, Token Good Thru (the expiration date, as provided by the listing service), and Token & SSB Actions you may take related to the token. Available actions include a Token action and Refresh Showcase (if applicable).

Note: The "Refresh Store" action no longer exists. It has been replaced with "Refresh Showcase".


Get a token (eBay | Bonanza): Select to get a new token for the Seller ID. This action is shown if you do not have a token for the Seller ID, or if the token was revoked. (Note: If your token is soon to expire or has recently expired, this action will be named Replace expiring token or Replace expired token, but the function is the same.)

Refresh token: Select to refresh the existing token for the Seller ID (or get a new token, if it cannot be refreshed). This action is shown if you already have a token for the Seller ID. (Note: Tokens may become invalid before their expiration date for various reasons. If you encounter token-related errors while listing via SSB, try refreshing your token.)

Refresh Showcase: Select to refresh the Showcase for the Seller ID. Use this if your showcase fails to update within 24 hours. (Note: If this does not work, navigate to Listings > Utilities > Showcases, make a small Edit to the showcase, then check Preview & Get Code for the relevant Seller ID. If the showcase still fails to update, please contact our Support Desk.)

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