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Seller Profile Summary:

This section allows you to change information pertaining to your profile. Here, you may change the selected seller profile, and indicate whether or not you want to include a logo, showcase, or listing links.
Profile: Use to the dropdown to select the profile you wish to make a listing for. Profiles are listed in this format: "Seller ID - Profile Name ( Listing Site )" (for example: "youreBayID - Main Profile ( eBay US )").
Product Showcase: Use the dropdowns to choose whether to display one of your showcases (if you have at least one) or No Showcase, and whether it should be Above Listing or Below Listing.
Logo: If you have at least one logo, and would like to use it in your listing, click on the "NO LOGO" image to open a list of all images found in your My Logos image category. Click on one to select it. The name of this option will change to Logo & location, and a dropdown will appear below the selected logo, allowing you to choose whether the logo should be near the Top or Bottom of your selected listing template.
Listing Links: Also known as Auction Links. Links may include Other Items, Feedback, and/or Contact, as set up in your seller profile. Use the dropdown to decide whether you want to Show or Hide these links for this listing.

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