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17.3. Why do I have multiple tokens for the same eBay ID?

In the Token Management table, only one token should be shown for each Seller ID, regardless of how many profiles are using it.

If you see two entries for the same Seller ID, check how the ID is spelled. There may be a typo, or it may be capitalized differently. Seller IDs are case sensitive, so if at least one profile uses different capitalization, our system will make an extra entry. Profiles like this can cause problems when listing, and especially when revising or relisting.

Example: If your eBay ID is "myebayid_01", that ID should only have one token, even if you used that same ID in multiple profiles for eBay US, UK, etc. However, if you spelled it as "MyEbayID_01" in one of your profiles, the token table will show a separate entry for that spelling.

To fix this issue, scroll up to the Profile List and locate the profile with the incorrect spelling or capitalization. Select the profile's "Edit" action and fix the case of the Seller ID, then click Update. If there's more than one profile with this issue, repeat for each one. Once done, the extra entry should disappear from the Token Management Table.

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