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1.2. Get an Etsy Token

In order to list via Seller Sourcebook, you must first get a token from Etsy authorizing us to list items on your behalf.

orange video icon Getting an Etsy Token:

Navigate to Listings > Utilities > Seller Profiles.

Within the Profile List section, click "Create New Profile"

Select your listing site from the option menu presented to you. In this case, Etsy US.

You will be immediately redirected to etsy.com to obtain your token.

Sign with your email address and password. 

At the next screen, you will see this message:

"An application would like to connect to your account."

You will see a list of permissions. 

Scroll to the bottom and click the button, "Grant Access."

Once you have done this, you may see a page displaying the token Etsy has returned to us. If so, click on the button, "Click here if you are not automatically redirected."

You will be returned to your Seller Sourcebook account's Profile List. A new profile will be created. The profile name will be in the format "Etsy yourshopname".

To start using this profile immediately, make the Etsy profile your default by selecting the Action "Make this default" from the profile's Actions menu. A default profile in your account will automatically load the lister for that marketplace when you start a new listing.

NOTE: Profiles may not be edited, nor can you create multiple profiles for a shop at this time. Etsy profiles are merely functional, with the minimum information Etsy needs to recognize you as a seller.  If you have information that is usually repeated from one listing to another, please create a listing and "save as draft" which saves a draft to your Etsy account. Then use that draft as a base for another draft or published listing by using the "Sell Similar" action.

Automatic Listings Import:

After getting your Etsy token, our system will automatically import your active Etsy items to your Seller Sourcebook account. Navigate to Listings > Etsy Items > Draft & Active and you will see a list of imported items. Only active items (not drafts) are imported.


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