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1.3. Using the Etsy Lister

Getting Started:

Before you can list to Etsy, you'll need to have an Etsy profile with a valid Etsy token. Please refer to the previous page in this chapter for how to obtain a profile and token.

Starting a New Listing:

There are two ways to start a new listing.

  1. From the Seller Profiles page, select the action "New Listing" from your Etsy profile's Actions menu.
  2. If your Etsy profile is set as your default profile, use the main navigation bar to navigate to Listings > Prepare > New Listing. This works from any page on our site.

Either path will take you directly to the Etsy Lister.

orange video icon Creating Your Listing:

On the Etsy Lister page, you will see the following buttons in the top action bar: Save as Draft, Publish and Cancel Listing.

In order to save a draft or publish a listing, you must fill out the form and include the required information. Required information is indicated by red asterisks. Cancel Listing will cancel the listing process and return you to the page you came from.


Upload: If you wish to upload images, click "Upload". A bulk image uploader will open. Drag and drop your images or click "+Add more files" to select and add images from your computer, then click "Upload" when ready to upload. The images will automatically be selected for your listing. 

Add from Image Manager: If you have already uploaded images in advance, using our bulk uploader, you may simply add photos by clicking "Add from Image Manager." The Image Chooser will open, displaying thumbnails of the images already present in your account. To select an image, simply click on its thumbnail. You may rotate the image prior to placement, using the orange rotation icons below each thumbnail. You may click on up to ten (10) image thumbnails. Our program will prevent the addition of more than ten images. The image chooser allows you to "Add all" from a particular image category, which can save time. If there are more than ten images in the category, only the first ten (starting from the top left) will be placed within the listing, and you will see the warning message, "Some images not added."

Your selected images will appear under the photos heading. You may click the trash can icon next to an image to remove that image from your listing. (The image will still be present in your Image Manager.) You may change the image order by clicking and holding an image's thumbnail and dragging it to a new spot.

Listing Details:

Title: Enter a meaningful title for your listing, limited to 140 characters.

About this listing: Choose the appropriate answer within each option list: Who made it? What is it? When was it made?

Category: If you know the category number, you may enter it directly into the text box. Otherwise, click on the search icon (the blue magnifying glass) to open the list of parent categories. Continue selecting categories until you find the appropriate category to list your item. If you take the wrong path, simply click the close button to close the category window, then click on the search icon again to start over. When you have reached a leaf category, a category number will be populated in the text box, and the complete category path and name will be displayed above the category number. If you've selected the wrong category, click on the search icon again to start over.

Previous Categories: If you've previously launched items to Etsy, a dropdown of previously used categories will be shown below the category selection area. You may select a category from this list to save time.

If you've previously launched an item to Etsy, we automatically load the last-used category when you start a new listing, for your convenience.

Renewal Options: Select Automatic or Manual. If you choose Automatic, Etsy will renew your listing after the usual 4 month expiration period. If you choose Manual, your listing will expire within 4 months of the date you've published it.

Type: Select Physical or Digital*. Physical indicates a physical (tangible) item that will need to be shipped to your buyer. Digital indicates a digital item that will need to be downloaded by your buyer.

Description: Enter a description of your item. You may enter a maximum of 102,400 characters.

Tags: Add tags applicable to your item. Type in the text field and click "Add" (or tap the Enter or Return key) to create a tag. You may also select previously used tags from the dropdown options list. Tags may be sorted by clicking and dragging them.

Materials: Add materials applicable to your item. Type in the text field and click "Add" (or tap the Enter or Return key) to create a material. You may also select previously used materials from the dropdown options list. Materials may be sorted by clicking and dragging them.


The attributes available for selection are dependent on the chosen category. Although usually optional, it is highly recommended that you enter as many attribute values as you can, so that potential buyers may easily find your item. NOTE: Attributes do NOT add extra words to your tags within your listing. They help internally at Etsy when potential buyers use the attributes to filter searches.  If you want your listing to appear in Google search, we suggest utilizing tags.

Inventory and Pricing:

Enter a Price and Quantity. Price must be between $0.20 and $50,000.00. Quantity must be between 0 and 999.

Optionally, you may enter a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) for your reference.


Within the shipping section, your Etsy shipping profiles are listed. To select one, click on its radio button.

[ ! ] If your selected profile is for calculated shipping, you must enter the following package details:

Item Weight: The weight of your package in pounds (lbs) and ounces (oz).

Item Size: The Length, Width, and Height of your package in inches (in). The number for length must be the longest dimension, or Etsy will return an error.

If none of your existing shipping options are appropriate for your listing, you may create a new one. Click the Add a Shipping Profile button, and the section will expand with fields to enter the following information:

Profile name, Country of Origin, Origin zipcode, Ship cost, Ship cost for each additional item, Minimum Processing time, Maximum Processing time, Destination Country, Shipping Service.

To save this new shipping profile, click Save and use options. Your new profile will be created and selected for your listing. (Note: This profile is now available within Etsy for future listings, even if you do not publish this listing.)  Only profiles for destinations in the US may be created at this time. Profiles may not be deleted from Seller Sourcebook at this time. To create shipping profiles for international destinations, or if you wish to delete any unwanted profiles, please login to your Etsy account directly and go to Settings.

[ ! ] If you are opted in to Etsy Ads: Our form does not offer the option to opt out of a campaign, as this is not yet supported by Etsy's API. If you have an active ad campaign and publish a listing to Etsy using our Etsy Lister, the published listing will be added to that campaign automatically. If you do not want the listing to be in your ad campaign, be sure to revise it on Etsy to remove the campaign. You may revise it while it is still a draft, and then publish it, or when it has already been published.

After you have entered all listing information, you may click Save as Draft. This action will upload your images and a draft listing to your Etsy account. You may further edit the draft and publish it later, via either SSB or directly at Etsy. If you prefer to publish the listing right away, you may click the Publish button instead.

Important: In order to "Save as Draft" or "Publish", your Etsy shop cannot be on vacation.

Etsy Items Launched:

Once you have submitted a draft, or published your listing, you will see an entry in the Etsy Items page within your SSB account. Navigate to Listings > Etsy Items > Draft & Active. Here you will find records of your Etsy items, along with the date they were launched, their Listing ID, Start Quantity, duration remaining and Status (active, draft, inactive or removed). You may manage your listings here.

To the right hand side of each entry, you will see Actions available to you within a dropdown list.

Revise: Opens your listing to the Etsy Lister, where you may edit or publish your draft, or revise your active listing. If the listing had been inactive, you may publish it again.

Revise on Etsy: If you are logged in to Etsy, this opens your listing in Etsy's own revision form. Shown for both drafts and active listings.

Sell Similar: Allows you to create a similar item without having to enter your information from scratch. You will be brought to the listing page where you may make any changes. Then click "Save as Draft" or "Publish".

Make Inactive: Deactivates your listing at Etsy.

Remove from Etsy: Deletes your listing from your Etsy account.

View: Opens a new tab to your active listing on Etsy.

orange video icon Revising & Publishing a Listing:


*Application Limitations:

The following Lister fields are not supported in Version 1 of the Etsy Lister, and are under development for Version 2:

The following listing management actions are not supported in Version 1 of the Etsy Lister, and are under development for Version 2

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