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4.3. Other Sales Venues: eBay Sell Your Item Form (NEW)

Listing code generated with the SSB Listing Generator can be pasted directly into the description section of eBay's listing form (AKA their "Sell Your Item" form). This article explains how to put HTML code into the listing description when launching a listing using eBay's form, as well as how to import images using the list of image URLs found in SSB listing code.

If you are selling on eBay US, AU, CA, UK, or eBay Motors US, you also have the option of using the SSB Listing Launcher, rather than eBay's Sell Your Item Form. For instructions on how to use the Listing Launcher, see the Related Pages section at the bottom of this page.

New Users: We recommend that you first learn the basics of our program by reading the Getting Started Guide. To do so, click on Getting Started in the left menu under Knowledge Books.

How to Copy Your Listing Code:
For instructions on how to copy your listing code, click here, or see the Related Pages section at the bottom of this page.

How to Use Listing Code on eBay:
Once you have copied your SSB listing code, log in to your eBay account and click on Sell to begin creating your listing.

After entering your title or keywords to get started, look near the top of the form for a link that mentions a version of the form with more options or choices. If you see one, click on it. If you don't, continue.

Follow eBay's prompts and fill out the form until you reach the pictures section. If you intend to use the same pictures you've already uploaded to SSB, you can skip the picture section for now.

Continue until you reach the description section.

Pasting HTML into the Listing Description:

Before you can paste your code, you'll need to change the description text box from a standard text box to one that accepts HTML.

How to access HTML mode on eBay's latest listing form:

Look above the description text box, toward the right side. Click on the link named "Show all options". A pop-in dialogue box will appear. Click on the button named "See more options". Where the "Show all options" link was previously, you should now see a checkbox labeled "Show HTML Code". Checkmark this checkbox.

An image showing the three steps needed to make HTML code usable on the latest eBay listing form. Step 1 is to click on the link named Show All Options. Step 2 is to click on the link named See More Options. Step 3 is to checkmark the checkbox next to Show HTML Code.

How to access HTML mode on other eBay listing forms:

eBay occasionally updates their listing form. If the description area on your form does not match the image shown above, please look for one of the following:

How to paste HTML code:

If you've copied your code, and enabled HTML mode on eBay's form, it's time to paste your code into the description text box.

First, click inside the description text box. Then, to paste, simply right-click inside the text box and select Paste from the right-click context menu. (Note: You can also paste by pressing Ctrl+V on your keyboard, or by selecting Paste from your internet browser's Edit menu.)

Now your HTML code is in the description text box.

Using SSB Image URLs for Listing Images:

If you skipped over the picture section before, scroll down to the bottom of the code you just pasted into the description text box. Near the end, you should see "URLs OF IMAGES USED IN THIS LISTING" and a list of image URLs. (Note: This list is right before the "SSBVAR" info, which is at the end of the code. If you scrolled to the end of the code, scroll up until you see the list of image URLs.)

This is a list of all photos that were selected when the code was generated at SSB. The photos are numbered in the order they were arranged at that time, so "photo1" is the first image, "photo2" is the second image, etc.

Find the URL of the image you wish to use for Gallery (usually the first image), then highlight it (from https:// to the end). Right-click the selected URL and select Copy from the right-click context menu. (Note: You can also copy by pressing Ctrl+C on your keyboard, or by selecting Copy from your internet browser's Edit menu.)

An image showing the four steps needed to copy image URLs from SSB listing code. Step 1 is scroll down to the list of image URLs. Step 2 is to select an image URL. Step 3 is to right-click the selected URL. Step 4 is to select Copy from the right-click context menu.

Now this image URL is on your clipboard and ready to paste. (Note: You could have also obtained this URL by opening a new tab or window to your SSB Image Manager, finding the photo, and copying the URL shown below its thumbnail. However, it's faster and easier to copy the URL from your listing code.)

Go back up to the pictures section of eBay's listing form, and click on "Upload photos from web" (or "Import from web", on older form versions). (If you don't see it, click on "See photo options", then click on the toggle next to "Upload photos from web". This should make the option available.)

An image showing where to click to use image URLs when making a listing. Click on "Upload photos from web". If you don't see that option, click on "See photo options", then click on the toggle for the "Upload photos from web" option.

The "Import from web" pop-in will open. Paste the photo URL into the slot numbered for URL 1, making sure not to leave any space before or after the URL. Click the "Done" button (or "Import", on older form versions) to import your photo to the eBay Picture Service.

An image showing how to import images to eBay using image URLs. Paste an image URL into the text entry area. If you have more than one image URL ready, you can click "Add additional" to get another text entry area. Click "Done" to import your image(s) to eBay.

Using the above steps, continue to copy photo URLs from the code in the description section and paste them into the picture section until all photos you wish to use are accounted for, for a maximum of 24 photos sent to the eBay Picture Service. (Note: If you have more than 24 images in your SSB listing code, and you're using an embedded image layout, the other images will be shown in your listing description.)

Continue through the rest of the form to complete your listing.



Update Notes: Previously the eBay Picture Service image limit for free image hosting was 12, not 24. It was increased for all eBay sellers in November 2022.

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