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5.2. The Edit Description button is missing - Why?

The reasons why the "Edit Description" button would be missing within the Advanced Listing Launcher are as follows:

1. A template was never applied to the listing after it was imported from eBay. Applying a template is what converts listings to our format and makes them editable within our Listing Generator.

2. After a template was applied or for items launched from SSB originally, the listing was revised directly at eBay using their preview editor. Doing so will wipe out our special SSB codes that allow us to load your listing into the Listing Generator. Be sure any editing that is done at eBay is done in HTML mode! For eBay's latest and even more simplified listing page, the HTML editor is hidden. Be sure to click the "Show all options" link at the upper right hand corner above the item description. At the prompt, click "Continue Anyway". Then checkmark "Show HTML code." Your editing needs to be done within the HTML editor. 

It is preferable to revise and edit via SSB whenever possible to avoid our codes from being erased.

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