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1.7. Entering Item Specifics

eBay describes item specifics as "descriptive keywords that tell a buyer about your item. They may include brand, size, length, width, height, type, color or style and many more, and vary depending on what you're selling" (Source).

Buyers search for specific keywords to find items to purchase. The more item specifics you include with your listing, the more likely your items are to appear in search results. Some item specifics are required and are indicated by red asterisks on our Listing Launcher form. Others are optional. Please avoid entering "Does Not Apply" or a series of dashes if you do not have a value for a particular item specific. Buyers do not search for these non-values.

Some item specifics may only be given one value, such as Yes or No, or a particular size or color. Other item specifics can have more than one value. For example, clothing items may have more than one Style, Occasion, or Material. The more information you provide to your potential buyers, the easier it becomes for them to find what they're looking for.

Comparison - OLD vs. NEW Multiple Select Option Lists:

For our Advanced Lister, we are transitioning to new programming for selecting and displaying item specifics values, for item specifics where more than one choice can be made.

Previously, one needed to scroll through the available values and click on one to select it. To remove a value, you needed to click on it again. All values were shown, regardless of which were selected, but a separate checkbox could be checkmarked to "Show selected [values] only". The option to "Enter your own [value]" was a separate link. There was a problem where sometimes clicking on the scroll bar would drop a selected value.

With the new style, clicking into the text entry area displays a list of available values. Once selected, values are displayed in button-style boxes within the text entry area, each with its own "x" to remove the value if desired. Clicking into the text entry area next to the last selected value displays the list of values again. In addition to scrolling through values, one can also search for them by name. If no value is found, you may press ENTER to create and select a new one.

The new style has been implemented on the Advanced Listing Launcher form. The variations workspace and the Simple Lister form will also be updated to use it in the future.

A visual comparison of the old style vs. the new style multiple select option lists (using the same values) within a popular category (63861: Women's Clothing > Dresses) is included below.

Old Style:


New Style:

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