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9.1. eBay Seller Video: Overview


eBay Seller Video is supported for the following eBay sites at this time: eBay US, eBay Motors US (Parts & Accessories), eBay UK.

You must have an SSB Deluxe account and be using the Advanced Listing Launcher to use this feature.

Before it can be attached to any listings, a video must be uploaded to eBay and approved for your eBay Seller ID. eBay's video approval process usually takes about 12 hours, but can take as long as 48 hours, so videos should be uploaded in advance.

If you have multiple eBay Seller IDs, make sure the correct Seller ID is selected during upload, as eBay approves videos per Seller ID. Whichever ID is selected during upload will be the ID eBay approves the video for. If you upload your video to the wrong Seller ID, you will need to upload the video again.

Video Format Requirements:

eBay has the following video format requirements:

The ideal video should be one minute (60 seconds) long or less.

Uploading your videos:

Navigate to Images > Manager > eBay Video Uploader

At the next screen, click the Browse button to open a window to your computer's hard drive. Navigate to the folder containing your videos. Your videos must use the .mp4 format. Click on a video to select it and click the Open button.

Select the eBay Seller ID for which you need this video approved. Note that eBay's approval will be for this ID only. 

Enter a title for your video. This title will be shown with the video's thumbnail when selecting a video in the Listing Launcher.

Enter a description of your video.

Click the "Upload" button.

After Upload:

Upon successful upload, a Video ID will be assigned to your video by eBay.  Video thumbnails are displayed within the Image Manager. Navigate to Images > Manager > View Images and, by default, you'll land within the Newly Uploaded category. You will see a black video camera icon (shown below) where the image thumbnail is usually displayed. The video will have a status of PROCESSING.

black video camera icon

Once eBay has copied and approved your video, the video's status will change to LIVE, and an image thumbnail for your video will replace the camera icon. Note that all videos are filed in the reserved category "eBay Videos", within the Image Manager. However, a newly uploaded video may also be found in "New Uploads", if uploaded recently.

Attaching Video to Listing:

Once your video is LIVE, you will be able to select it within the Listing Launcher. While preparing a listing for launch, scroll down to the Image Promotions section of the Listing Launcher and click on the "Attach Video" checkbox. The Add Video icon (shown below) will appear. Click on it to pull up a list of available videos. Each video thumbnail is labeled with the relevant video title, for ease of identification. Click on your video to attach it to the listing.

Add Video icon (blue camera with plus sign)

Currently, eBay only allows the attachment of one video per listing. However, you may use the same video among different listings under the same eBay Seller ID.

Only videos approved for your eBay Seller ID will be available for selection in the Listing Launcher.

You may add a video during a Revise or a Relist of an item. You may also remove a video by unchecking the "Attach Video" checkbox.


Why can't I find my video in the Attach Video option list?

1. Your video may not have been approved by eBay yet. Check the status of your video in the Image Manager, to make sure your video is LIVE.

2. Your video may have been uploaded to a different Seller ID. Check the Seller ID attached to your video in the Image Manager, to make sure it matches the Seller ID you're listing to.

eBay approves videos for particular Seller IDs. Even if a video was approved for one Seller ID, eBay will not permit you to use that video for another ID. To use the video for another Seller ID, you must upload it to that other ID, then wait for eBay to approve it for that ID.

^(For example: Let's say you have two eBay Seller IDs -- one for postcards, and one for clothes. You upload a video to the postcards ID. Once that video is approved by eBay, it can be used for any listing made using the postcards ID. However, it cannot be used for the clothes ID, because eBay only approved it for the postcards ID. To use that video for the clothes ID, you must upload it to the clothes ID and wait for eBay to approve it again.)

For more info on eBay Seller Video, plus tips on what kinds of videos to include with your listings, we suggest reviewing eBay's own article on Adding a video to your listing.

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