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9.1. What are eBay archived listings?

eBay usually deletes listing data 60 to 90 days after an item has ended -- 60 days if posted on eBay directly, or 90 days if launched to eBay by a third party provider (such as SSB).

As of November 1, 2021, when one of your SSB listings ends, its listing data is automatically added to an "Archived" category on the eBay Items pages. This allows you to list an item at least a year after it has ended, even if the listing no longer exists at eBay. To access these listings, navigate to Listings > eBay Items > Archived and use the "Launch" action for the item. If you do not expect to need the listing record, you may use the "Delete" action. NOTE: If your item ended less than 90 days ago, you may also relist it from the unsold category as previously done.

This feature allows seasonal sellers to end items at eBay and to launch or schedule them again when needed. Unlike saved listing drafts, the COMPLETE listing is saved, including your listing category, item specifics, start pricing, shipping information, etc., so that it does not have to be reconstructed. Please keep in mind that eBay makes category changes twice per year (usually with their Spring and Fall Seller Updates), so please expect that you may need to select a new listing category for some items if your categories were affected.

Only items launched from SSB, or imported to SSB from eBay will be included in the archive when items end. Listings posted from eBay and never imported to SSB do not qualify for this archive. In other words, the listing information MUST exist in our database in order for us to include your items in the archive. Please do not delete images belonging to these listings if you expect to list them again.

Data older than a year past the original item's ending is subject to being purged from the archive. If you wish to hold onto data longer than one year, please contact our support desk for your options.

You may notice duplicates in the archive, if you have been relisting your items. You may delete these from within the archive if they are not needed. Please note that deleted archived items may not be restored.

Note: You must have an active SSB account to maintain your archived items. If you leave our service, this data is subject to deletion after 30 days. If you plan to return to our service, we suggest that you place your account in sleep mode (for a fee of $3.00 per month), where we place all your images and listing data in special backup for your anticipated return.


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