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1.2. eBay error 37: PictureURL is invalid or missing

Error: Input data is invalid.

Full error: Input data for tag <Item.PictureDetails.PictureURL[3]> is invalid or missing. Please check API documentation.

Reason: ReceivingeBay error 37 for PictureURL indicates that the eBay Picture Service had trouble converting one of the listing images to eBay hosting. This error is often preceded by an error indicating that eBay is busy. You can tell which image is affected by viewing the error and making note of the number in brackets next to PictureURL. In the example above, it's the third image (3).

Resolution: Scroll down to the Image Promotions section in the Listing Launcher. Next to eBay Picture Service, click the red X next to the affected image (in this example, the third image) to remove it from the set of images being sent to the eBay Picture Service. Click "Estimate Fees & Finish" and then launch your item. Performing this action does not remove your embedded image (within the item description), but only the image from the set of images that eBay displays above the template. 

(If you still receive a similar error, try removing all but the first image. With only one image being sent, you're less likely to encounter the error.) Removing images from this row only removes them from being sent to EPS. The images that are embedded in your item description template are not deleted.

If your listing launches successfully, you can then revise the listing from SSB to re-add any image(s) you removed from the eBay Picture Service section. To do so, use the Revise action on the listing, click "Edit Description" -- when the window opens, simply click "Save Changes" (this resends all images), and then click "Revise Now".


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