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9.4. Using the Bulk Transfer Utility [NEW]

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The Bulk Transfer Utility allows you to transfer SSB listings from one Seller ID to a different Seller ID. Up to 20 items may be transferred at a time.

When your items are loaded into the bulk transfer workspace, you will have the opportunity to edit some information. Whether or not information can be edited is indicated when you mouseover a value. Items must be selected in order to be edited or transferred.

Preparing for Transfer:

If this is your first time using the transfer utility, please read the first article of this chapter before continuing. If you do not meet the transfer requirements, the transfer utility will not be able to transfer your listings.

Selecting Items to Transfer:

If you are new to our service, please navigate to eBay Items Imported and checkmark the items you wish to transfer. You may select up to twenty (20). Existing subscribers may do this in Launched view, instead, if the listings were launched via SSB.

[!] Before you continue: Make sure that your listing does not have pending bids or best offers. eBay will not allow us to end any listing with a bid or best offer (whether initiated by you or by a potential buyer), so please be sure to cancel any bids or offers before attempting to transfer an item to a different Seller ID. (If you plan to change a Fixed Price listing into an Auction while in the Bulk Transfer workspace, please also make sure that listing isn't accepting or considering best offers.)

At the top action bar, click Transfer. (Note: This button will not appear if you do not have transferable items. Make sure your items have SSB templates applied.)

A small pop-in window will appear, asking which Seller ID you wish to transfer your items to. (Your original ID will be excluded automatically.) Click on the button for the appropriate target Seller ID. Your transferable items will load into the bulk transfer workspace in a spreadsheet-like format.

Bulk Transfer Workspace:

Listings ready to be transferred will be selected when the workspace first loads. If you change your mind about transferring a listing, you may deselect it by unchecking its checkbox at the left-hand side.

Editing Fields:
The following fields may be edited: Item Title, Quantity, Buy it now Price*, Listing Type, Duration, Condition, Condition Description, and Paypal email. (Other fields may not be edited here, but you may edit them later by revising your listing via our individual Revise action.) Check to make sure that your PayPal email is correct for your target Seller ID.

*(Note: If at least one Auction is in the Bulk Transfer workspace, Start Price and Reserve Price will also be present and editable.)

Warnings & Errors:
When you edit a field, the listing's status may update to show an eBay warning or error. Warnings do not prevent you from launching an item, and many are simply informational. Errors, however, will prevent a listing from launching. When an error is encountered, the listing is automatically deselected. To resolve the error, please read through the error message, re-select the listing, and make corrections as needed.

When you're ready to transfer, click the Bulk Transfer button.

You will be prompted, "Are you sure you want to transfer the selected item(s) now?" Click OK to confirm.

Please be patient here as we verify your listings with eBay and automatically end the original items at eBay. For 20 items, the entire process usually takes at least 45 seconds.

Once the transfers are completed, you will see a confirmation page showing the new item numbers listed and any warnings that eBay returned.

Click Continue to be returned to the eBay Items view where you began (Imported or Launched).

Transferred Items:

Your original items will show "Transferred" in the Ends column. (Note: In some cases, an original listing cannot be automatically ended. If an item has a pending bid or best offer, or its reserve price has been met, eBay will not allow us to end the listing. Be sure to cancel any bids or offers before attempting to transfer an item to a different Seller ID.)

The items listed to your target ID will have a "TR" indicator to show they were transfers. To see this, navigate to "All Launched" view and select your target Seller ID.


If you have store listings, we do not attempt to match to your target store. Target listings will be filed in the "Other" category of the target ID's store.

Transfers may not be scheduled.

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