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8.1. Using the Single Item Listing Transfer Utility



You must set up a basic profile for both of your Seller ID's, the originating ID and the target ID. You must obtain tokens for both. Tokens give us permission to work on your eBay items.

You must have imported your items using our import utility and have applied templates. Applying templates is what converts your listings to our system. We suggest starting with a simple template. The plainest template we have is named, "Blank - Only Text & Photos."

Once listings have had templates applied, navigate to eBay Items > Imported.

Items must be transferred individually at this time.

For your item, select the "Transfer" option within the actions drop down.

A dialog box will open. Select the button for the Seller ID to which want to transfer your item.

Our Listing Launcher will open.

We will load your category, item specifics, quantities, and payment and shipping information.

Please double-check these entries and fill out any missing information. Currently, we do not populate the store categories, so any transfers will go to your "Other" store category.

The Paypal address is retrieved from your eBay preferences. Please double-check and make any corrections.

If you wish to change the template or layout, or add more images, click "Edit Description" for the Listing Generator window to open.

--Your item header and item description should prefill, as well as all images belonging to the listing (if you had also imported your images).

--You may change the template (if you don't like the one you chose when bulk applying templates, or change template options, such as colors, etc.).

Click "Save Changes" and the Listing Generator window will close.

Click "Estimate Fees & Finish."

Click "Launch Now."

You will see a message indicating successful transfer to your target Seller ID, and a message indicating that your original item is being ended.

NOTE: If you are pressed for time, and would like one of our team members to perform the desired transfers for you, please contact our help desk for a quotation and turnaround time. Our fees are reasonable.

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