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8.3. Using the Single Item Listing Transfer Utility

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The Single Item Listing Transfer Utility allows you to transfer an SSB listing from one Seller ID to a different Seller ID.

Preparing for Transfer:

If this is your first time using the transfer utility, please read the first article of this chapter before continuing. If you do not meet the transfer requirements, the transfer utility will not be able to transfer your listings.

Selecting an Item to Transfer:

If you are new to our service, please navigate to eBay Items Imported and locate the item you wish to transfer. Existing subscribers may do this in Launched view, instead, if the listing was launched via SSB.

[!] Before you continue: Make sure that your listing does not have pending bids or best offers. eBay will not allow us to end any listing with a bid or best offer (whether initiated by you or by a potential buyer), so please be sure to cancel any bids or offers before attempting to transfer an item to a different Seller ID.

From that item's Actions dropdown menu, select the "Transfer" option.

A small pop-in window will appear, asking which Seller ID you wish to transfer your items to. (Your original ID will be excluded automatically.) Click on the button for the appropriate target Seller ID. Our Listing Launcher will open, showing the listing you wish to transfer.

Single Transfer in the Listing Launcher:

We will load your category, item specifics, quantities*, and payment and shipping information.

    *(NOTE: We load the quantity available as indicated at eBay after any sales.)

Please double-check these entries and fill out any missing information. Currently, we do not populate the store categories, so any transfers will go to your "Other" store category.

The PayPal address is retrieved from your eBay preferences. Please double-check and make any corrections.

If you wish to change the template or layout, or add more images, click "Edit Description" for the Listing Generator window to open.

--Your item header and item description should prefill, as well as all images belonging to the listing (if you had also imported your images).

--You may change the template (if you don't like the one you chose when bulk applying templates, or change template options, such as colors, etc.).

Click "Save Changes" and the Listing Generator window will close.

Click "Estimate Fees & Finish."

Click "Launch Now."

You should see a message indicating successful transfer to your target Seller ID, and a message indicating that your original item is being ended.

NOTE: If you are pressed for time, and would like one of our team members to perform the desired transfers for you, please contact our help desk for a quotation and turnaround time. Our fees are reasonable.

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