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9.5. FAQ for eBay Transfer Utilities

How does it work?

We ask eBay for your item information and we send a new listing to your selected Target Seller ID. We preserve your images, item description, listing type and duration, listing category, item specifics, payment and shipping information.  Once the item has been "transferred" we then ask eBay to end your original item. 


The Transfer action is not offered for my imported item. Why not?

If you have imported an item from eBay, you must first apply an SSB template to convert it to our system. The "Transfer" option is not available until this has been done.


How many items may I select to transfer at a time?

The single item transfer utility, accessed via the actions drop down next to a listing, allows you to transfer just that item.

The bulk item transfer utility, accessed by checkmarking one or more items and clicking the "Transfer" button in the top action bar, allows you to transfer 20 items per session.


What listing types may be transferred?

You may transfer fixed price, multi-variations and auction-style listings. The durations are reset. For multi-quantity fixed price listings, we populate the quantity field with the quantity available as indicated by eBay after any sales.

We do not support classified ads.


Which SSB profile information is used for an item transfer?

We preserve the profile information (if any was entered) that was part of the original listing, but we assign a profile belonging to your Target Seller ID.
The reason for doing it this was is because you may have customized your profile information for your listings (our "this listing only" feature), and simply applying the profile information belonging to your Target Seller ID would cause this information to be lost.

If you do wish to use the profile information for your Target Seller ID,  use the single item transfer option and click "Edit Description" during the Transfer process. For the profile fields, uncheck the checkboxes, "this listing only" so that the profile information for your Target ID is revealed and then "Save Changes." Proceed with the transfer.


Which Paypal email address is used when my items are transferred?

We populate the Paypal email based on the user preferences eBay returns to us for your Target ID. Always review this email address before launching. You may change it if you wish. If you're using Business Policies, then we populate the information from your original business policies to the Terms section of the listing launcher. Note that we cannot match business policies for the original Seller ID to the business policies of the target Seller ID. Instead, we convert this information under the "Terms" tab. You are free, however, to select from your business policies instead. 

What if I have eBay stores? Will you match up my store categories?

At this time, because of how eBay store categories are numbered internally, we do not attempt to map items from store categories belonging to your original seller ID to your target ID. All items will be listed under the "Other" category in the target store. You may manually assign categories are you're transferring your items, or move them to the desired categories at eBay, or revise the listings after the fact to assign the intended store categories.

Will you transfer my showcase?

We do not transfer your showcase as it is coded to your original ID, so by default it's removed. If you wish to apply a showcase, click Edit Description during the transfer process and select the showcase that belongs to your Target ID. Then click "Save Changes" and proceed with the transfer. Note that showcases may be added later in bulk once you have transferred your items.


Will eBay charge insertion fees?

EBay does not officially have a mechanism for transferring items from one Seller ID to another. It's simply not supported. The transfer utility is actually copying your item information and sending a new item to your Target ID, and then ending your original item. If you have run out of your free listings or have exceeded your allowance for store items, then any transfers from SSB will incur eBay fees.


Will SSB charge transfer fees?

There are no extra fees charged by SSB for transferring your items, unless you ask us to have a member of our team transfer your items for you. Please email us for a quotation. There's a chance, depending on the number of items you're transferring that you may need to purchase additional hosting space to accommodate all of your images. Your hosting space is affected by the number of images per listing, the image width and quality chosen within the importer. 


Why could some items not be ended?

In some cases, eBay will not allow an item to be ended. This can happen if you have set a reserve price and it has been met, and less than 12 hours remain. If you have active offers on items, eBay will not allow the item to be ended. It is recommended before starting any transfers that your original items not have offers or bids on them.

Please note that eBay reserves the right to charge final value fees on ended items if there had been bids.  Please view eBay's restrictions on this page:

Ending Items at eBay


Can I transfer items from one eBay Site (such as UK) to another (such as US, or CA, or AU)?

You may only transfer items to the same site. For example,  if your item is listed at eBay UK, then you can only transfer to another UK seller ID. You may not transfer to another site. 


I imported my listings and ran out of hosting space. Why?

When importing your listings to Seller Sourcebook, the amount of hosting space required is dependent on the number of listings you imported, the number of images per listing, as well as the image width and quality settings selected during the importing process. Larger images and higher quality settings simply take up more space for storage. Additional hosting space may be added to a deluxe account. Please contact us for our pricing options.


I transferred my items and changed my mind. Can I restore my original listings?

Item transfers cannot be undone.


What happens to my transferred items if I were to cancel my service?

Per our Terms of Service, once your paid time has expired, all designer templates and images would be taken off-line. This means that the template graphics and embedded images would no longer display. Since the first 24 images are hosted by eBay, these are the only ones that would remain within your listings. 


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