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5.1. How do I get another token?

A token is like a key you've given us to launch listings to eBay on your behalf. If you change your password at eBay, your token will be immediately expired by eBay, and we will lose access to your eBay account. (Basically, you've changed the locks, so the "key" you gave us before no longer works.)

Even if you do not change your password, tokens do not last forever. For security reasons, eBay typically expires them every 12 months. Tokens may also become invalid sooner if eBay suspects an issue with your eBay seller account, or if eBay makes changes to the required token format.

How to get a new token:

To refresh your token, please navigate to Listings > Utilities > Seller Profiles. (In the Listings tab of our main navigational menu, look under the Utilities heading for Seller Profiles. Click on Seller Profiles.)

In the "Launcher Token Management" table, find the eBay ID you wish to refresh the token for, and select the action "Refresh token."

At the "eBay Authentication & Authorization" screen, click OK.

You will be redirected to eBay. Be sure to log in to the same eBay account.

At the next page, you may be asked to "Grant application access: Seller Sourcebook".

If you see a list of permissions, be sure to scroll through all of them.

Click on the "Agree and Continue" button.

[!] If the Agree button is greyed out, you may not have scrolled through the entire permissions list. Move your mouse cursor over the list, and a scroll bar should appear. (If it doesn't, click within the area once.) If your mouse has a mouse wheel, scroll until you reach the bottom of the list. Otherwise, click and hold on the scroll bar and drag it down as far as it can go. The Agree button should then become blue and clickable.

Once you have obtained your token, you will be returned to the Seller Profiles page.

You will then be set to list your items.

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