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18.3. Why does my showcase show purple giftboxes?

Did you recently launch your items to eBay? In order for us to display the items in your showcase, eBay must have indexed them first (i.e. made them available in search). As soon as this happens, you'll see the image thumbnails of your items scrolling within the showcase. eBay can take up to 30 minutes to index an item, but reserves the option of taking up to 24 hours for make a listing visible in search.

If, after 24 hours, your showcase is still showing purple giftboxes instead of your items, please contact our Help Desk.

Is your eBay ID entered correctly in your Seller Profiles? Currently, the items shown in your showcase should be your 20 items ending soonest at eBay. When we request this information from eBay, we use the eBay ID specified in your profile. Seller IDs are case sensitive, so if your eBay ID is "yourebayid_01" on eBay, but you typed it as "YourEbayID_01" in one of your profiles, you will encounter problems. When we request the items for "YourEbayID_01", eBay won't recognize it as the same ID, so they won't send us the items for "yourebayid_01". This results in a showcase only showing giftboxes.

Please check the Seller Profiles page to make sure your eBay ID is written correctly for all profiles.





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