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8.6. How do I import my images from eBay? Bulk Importer

You may import only your images hosted by EPS (eBay Picture Services), or import the images along with their listings. Your items must be ACTIVE at eBay. We cannot import images or listings for ended items.

Important: If your SSB account has profiles set up for more than one eBay Seller ID,  navigate to Listings > Utilities > Seller Profiles.  Set the profile you'll be working with as "default."

Navigate to Listings > eBay Items > Listings Import. 

Choose your Seller ID. You will be shown a list of active items. You may uncheck any items you do not wish to import at this time.

To import ONLY the EPS images, within the Import dropdown list, select the option "eps Images only." To import both the listings and your images from eBay, select the default "Listing & Image"  option (recommended).

An indicator shows whether items were generated by SSB or not (Yes or No). As a new subscriber, you would see "No" in the SSB column. By default, all items are selected in this workspace, but you may uncheck any items you do not wish to import.

When ready, click on the action bar's "Import Checked Items" button.

By default, we bring you to the eBay Items Imported view. You'll see a message that your images were imported. To view your imported images, navigate to Images > View Images. When we import images from eBay, we prefix them with "eps" and include the listing item number as part of the image name so that you may easily search for images based on the eBay Item. 


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