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3.7. How do I transfer items from one eBay Seller ID to Another?

EBay does not officially support transferring items from one eBay Seller ID to another. 

We do have a transfer utility that is practical for smaller numbers of listings (perhaps 50 to 100) as there is some manual work involved. The listings must be active and the ID's you wish to transfer between must be for the same site (i.e. US to US, UK to UK, etc). You must be using the Advanced Listing Launcher (if you're a Deluxe user, this lister is selectable in Site Preferences).

First you must import your listings and apply templates to fully convert to our system:

1. Navigate to Listings > Utilities > Seller Profiles. Set up profiles for eBay Seller ID#1, your original ID, and Seller ID#2, your target ID. Get tokens for each. 

2. Navigate to Listings > eBay Items > Listings Import. For any items that do NOT exist in your eBay Items Launched view (that is, they were created at eBay), use our Listings Import utility to import all active items for ID #1.


Navigate to Listings > eBay Items > Listings Import

Choose your Seller ID#1. You will be shown a list of items for your Seller ID. 

To import both the listings and your images from eBay, keep the default "Listing & Image" option (recommended).

You will see image width & quality settings. If your existing images at eBay are 1600px wide and  you wish them to be imported the same width to your Seller Sourcebook account, be sure to select 1600px and the maximum quality setting. This is the image size that will will send back to eBay for any new listings or listing transfers. 

An indicator shows whether items were generated by SSB or not (Yes or No). As a new subscriber, you would see "No" in the SSB column. By default, all items are selected in this workspace, but you may uncheck any items you do not wish to import. We suggest selecting only a few to start until you become familiar with our system. 

When ready, click on the Import Checked Items button.

You will then be taken to the eBay Items Imported view where your items will be displayed. 

The action "Apply Template" will be available within the Actions drop down list for individual listings. The action bar (top or bottom) of the page will have an "Apply Template" button as well as an "Import More Items" button.


3. Use the "Apply Template" utility to apply templates to these listings. This can be done in bulk up to 20 at a time. These listings are now considered converted to SSB Listings (Without the SSB template, you won't be able to enter the Listing Generator, but only the Listing Launcher, so listing transfers can't happen)


Navigate to Listings > eBay Items Imported

You will see actions to the right of your listing. Select "Apply Template" if you're doing just one.


On this page, select one or more items via the checkboxes shown before the Item Titles.

Click on the Apply Template button in the top action bar.

The "Select a Template" page will open.

Select a Template category. To select a template, click on its thumbnail. At the next page, your selected template will be indicated in the top action bar. (You may uncheck listings if you wish).

If you wish to edit the item description for your listing, click on the tools icon in the Actions column. 

An editor will open. It will display the images we imported for your listing at the top. Using the editor, make any needed changes and click the Save button. Items must be edited individually. Do the same for any others if you wish. Note if you don't make edits with this quick editor, you will have the opportunity to do so via the individual revise action later. 

When ready to apply the template to your listings, click on the "Apply Template Now" button at the top action bar.

The template you've chosen will be applied to all selected items at eBay! Your images will automatically be embedded within the template (using our full-split layout) unless you unchecked the box, "include imported image in template"

You will see a confirmation dialog box confirming the template has been applied.  Please note that only items that qualify for revision per eBay's rules may have templates applied. If there are any errors, they will be shown. If your item ends in 12 hours, or has bids or pending offers, you will not be able to apply a template.

You will be returned to the eBay Items Imported view.  You may select other items to apply a template. 

Also note; When using the Apply Template utility, no profile information from your Seller Sourcebook Seller Profile is inserted into the listing. We are simply wrapping the current listing in a template. If you want to have information from your SSB Seller Profile inserted into the listing as well, or wish to change to a different template or layout, please perform a Revise action from eBay Items Imported after applying the template.


Once listings have had templates applied, navigate to eBay Items > Imported. 

Items must be transferred individually at this time.

For your item, select the "Transfer" option within the actions drop down.

A dialog box will open. Select the button for the Seller ID to which want to transfer your item. 

Our Listing Launcher will open.

We will load your category, item specifics, quantities, and payment and shipping information.

Please double-check these entries and fill out any missing information. Currently, we do not populate the store categories, so any transfers will go to your "Other" store category.

The Paypal address is retrieved from your eBay preferences. Please double-check and make any corrections.


If you wish to change the template or layout, or add more images, click "Edit Description" for the Listing Generator window to open. 

--Your item header and item description should prefill, as well as all images belonging to the listing (if you had also imported your images).

--You may change the template (if you don't like the one you chose when bulk applying templates, or change template options, such as colors, etc.). 

Click "Save Changes" and the Listing Generator window will close. 

Click "Estimate Fees & Finish."

Click "Launch Now."

You will see a message indicating successful transfer to your target Seller ID, as well as a message indicating that your original item is being ended. 

NOTE: If you are pressed for time, and would like one of our team members to perform the desired transfers for you, please contact our help desk for a quotation and turnaround time. Our fees are reasonable.

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