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7.2. Apply Templates to Imported eBay Items

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Applying SSB templates is necessary to convert imported items to our system. An SSB template is what tells our system that your listing is an "SSB listing". If a listing doesn't have an SSB template, our program won't be able to edit its listing description or transfer it to another eBay account. This does not need to be done for listings that were originally launched via SSB, as those have SSB templates applied to them automatically.

Selecting Items to Apply Templates to them:

If you haven't already, navigate to Listings > eBay Items > Imported.

Locate an imported eBay listing that does not yet have an SSB template.

To apply a template to only one listing: From the Actions menu next to your item, choose "Apply Template".

To apply a template to multiple listings at once: You may checkmark multiple items (up to 20) using the checkboxes found just before the item titles, then click the "Apply Template" button found in the top action bar.

The Apply Template Workspace:

After clicking Apply Template, the "Select a Template" window will open. To select a template, click on its thumbnail. On the Apply Template page, your selected template will be indicated in the top action bar. If you wish to change the selected template, click on the "Selected Template" link to reopen the "Select a Template" window.

(i) Tip: The plainest template we have is named "Blank - Only Text & Photos." You can find it by searching for "blank" or "plain".

The action bar also contains a checkbox labeled "include imported image in template," which is checkmarked by default. If this option is left selected when the template is applied, your images will automatically be embedded within the template, using our full-split layout.

Below the action bar, a table with listing information is shown. The table headings show a master checkbox, Item ID, Title, Time Left, Type, Bids, Price, Actions, and Status.

A checkbox can be used to select or deselect a listing. Item ID shows the ID number of the listing, and links to that listing on eBay. The listing's Title, the amount of Time Left, the Type of listing (Fixed Price or Auction), how many Bids (if Auction) there are, and the base Price are also displayed. The Actions column contains buttons you can use to Edit the listing description or Preview its appearance. The final column displays the listing's Status.

If you selected multiple listings prior to entering the Apply Template, you may use the checkboxes to uncheck any listings you do not wish to apply the selected template to.

Items must be edited individually. To edit the item description for a listing, click on the tools icon in its Actions column, and a quick editor will open. Any images we imported for that listing will be shown at the top. Using this editor, make any needed changes, then click the Save button. (Note: If you don't make edits with this quick editor, you will have the opportunity to do so via the individual Revise action later.) Click on the magnifying glass icon to preview what your listing description will look like.

Repeat this process for other listings if you wish.

When ready to apply the template to your listings, click on the Apply Template Now button in the top action bar.

The template you've chosen will be applied to all selected items at eBay! If "include imported image in template" was left checkmarked, you images will also be embedded automatically, using our full split layout. (Note: The image layout may be changed later via our single Revise action.)

You will see a confirmation dialog box confirming that the template has been applied. Please note that only items that qualify for revision per eBay's rules may have templates applied. (If your item ends in 12 hours, or has bids or pending offers, you will not be able to apply a template.) If there are any errors, they will be shown.

After Applying Templates:

You will be returned to the eBay Items Imported view. Items that have had a template applied will be marked with this symbol in eBay Items Imported:

If you wish, you may select other items to apply a template.

Once you have applied a template, you may not apply another via this method. If you need to change the template currently applied to a listing, use the Revise action and click "Edit Description" inside the Listing Launcher. You will be able to change your listing's template there.

IMPORTANT: When using the Apply Template utility, NO profile information from your Seller Sourcebook Seller Profile is inserted into the listing. We are simply wrapping the current listing in a template. If you want to have information from your SSB Seller Profile inserted into the listing as well, or wish to change to a different template or layout, please use the "Revise" action from eBay Items Imported after applying the template.

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