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7.1. Importing Items from eBay

Listings > eBay Items > Listings Import

The eBay Items Listings Import page is better known as our eBay Importer. Using the importer, you can import listings and their images to our system (either separately or at the same time), so long as they belong to your eBay Seller ID(s). Importing a listing will create a listing record for it in your eBay Items Imported view on SSB. Importing an image will upload it to your SSB Image Manager. When importing images, you may select the quality and width at which they are uploaded.

Only ACTIVE items may be imported, so be sure you have a profile set up for your eBay Seller ID and that you have obtained a token.

Finding Listings to Import:

If you haven't already, please navigate to Listings > eBay Items > Listings Import.

When the importer loads, you will need to select a Seller ID / Site and a search option. Currently, the first search option is selected by default:

Search by keywords in Title: This option tells the importer to search the selected Seller ID for listings with the specified keyword(s) in their titles. When selected, a text field labeled "Keywords" will be shown below the search options. Type your keyword(s) there. Multiple keywords should be separated by spaces. If you're looking for a specific phrase, you may also put it in quotes.

Search for specific items (up to 20): This option tells the importer to search the selected Seller ID for listings with the specified item ID number(s). When selected, a text field labeled "Listing IDs" will be shown below the search options. Type or paste your item ID(s) there. Multiple item IDs should be entered on separate lines.

Search for 50 ending soonest: This option tells the importer to search the selected Seller ID for the 50 listings ending soonest.

When you're ready, click the Search button. The importer will begin searching your active listings at eBay, and will show the results in a table.

Note: The importer can only find active listings that have been indexed by eBay (e.g. they show up in eBay search results). Newly launched listings will not be shown in search results until they have been indexed.

If you're not satisfied with the results, simply click the Redo Search button to go back and change your search.

Importing Your Listings:

The importer's action bar has four dropdown option lists (Seller ID / Site, Import, Width, and Quality) and shows three different total counts (Found, Already Has Template, and Available for Import). It also contains the "Import Checked Items" button.

Seller ID / Site: Choose your Seller ID from this dropdown to be shown a list of importable items for that Seller ID. 

Import: Choose what information to import. To import both the listings and your images from eBay, keep the default "Listing & Image" option (recommended). The "Listing Text only" option will import the listing, but not its images. The "Images only" option will import the eBay Picture Service images, but not the listing.

Quality and Width: If your existing images at eBay are 1600px wide and you wish them to be imported the same width to your Seller Sourcebook account, be sure to select "1600px" for Width and the "Maximum" Quality setting. For any new listings or transfers, the images you import will be sent back to eBay in the same condition they arrived at SSB when you imported them.

Found: How many listings the importer located for that Seller ID, total.
Already Has Template: How many of the found listings already have SSB templates applied to them.
Available for Import: How many of the found listings do not have listing records in your account. These are the listings you will be able to import to SSB.

Below the action bar, you should see a table of listings available for import. For the eBay Importer, the table headings are: a master checkbox, SSB, Item ID, Title, Time Left, Type, Bids, and Price.

A checkbox can be used to select or deselect a listing. The SSB column in the table indicates whether listings were generated by SSB or not (Yes or No). As a new subscriber, you would see "No" in the SSB column for all listings. Item ID shows the ID number of the listing, and links to that listing on eBay. The listing's Title, the amount of Time Left, the Type of listing (Fixed Price or Auction), how many Bids (if Auction) there are, and the base Price are also displayed.

Using the checkboxes, checkmark the items you wish to import. You may import up to 50 items per importing session. Clicking on the checkbox in the table's header will select all listings on the page. If you are new to SSB or importing items to SSB, we suggest selecting only a few to start, until you become familiar with our system.

When ready, click on the Import Checked Items button.

You will then be taken to the eBay Items Imported view where your items will be displayed. Please wait for the images to import to your account before starting another importing session. There will be a progress indicator reflecting how many images are being imported. 

The action "Apply Template" will be available within the Actions dropdown list for individual listings. The action bar (top or bottom) of the page will have an "Apply Template" button as well as an "Import More Items" button.

Items that have been imported to your account will be indicated by within eBay Items Launched.

[!] Note: If the imported items were not already SSB listings, you should apply templates to them after importing. Without a template, you will not be able to edit a listing's description during revision (via SSB) or utilize our listing transfer utility.

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