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2.5. eBay Items Imported

Items imported with the Listings Import utility are shown here. You will notice a new action "Apply Template" will be available within the Actions drop down list when items are initially imported.

The top or bottom action bar (depending on your Site Preferences) will have an "Apply Template" button as well as an "Import More Items" button.

You may choose to apply a template to a single listing via the "Apply Template" action, or may choose multiple listings to which to apply a template. Checkmark the selection boxes (up to 20) and click on the "Apply Template" button.

The icon in the Type/Status column indicates that a template has been applied to your imported item. The "Apply Template" option will no longer be available to you, however, if you wish to change the template to another SSB template, you may use the Revise action, returning to the Listing Generator via the Edit Item Description button to choose a different template.

The blue SSB letters indicate that the item is an SSB Listing (originally launched from SSB, or using SSB HTML code at eBay).

All imported items are indicated by the icon within the All Launched and Active categories.








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