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2.5. eBay Items Imported

Listings > eBay Items > Imported
eBay Items Imported Category (View):
Items imported by the Listings Import utility will be shown in the Imported category.
After importing items, the top or bottom action bar (depending on your Site Preferences) will have an "Apply Template" button and an "Import More Items" button (which may be clicked to reopen the Listings Import utility).
Apply Template: This action wraps the imported item's description with an SSB template, allowing our system to properly interact with it. The "Apply Template" button in the action bar can be used to apply templates to multiple listings at once. Simply checkmark the selection boxes (up to 20) and then click the "Apply Template" button. Otherwise, you may choose to apply a template to a single listing by selecting the "Apply Template" action from its Actions menu. Either way, you will be brought to the "Apply Template" workspace. For more information on the "Apply Template" workspace, please see the article Apply Templates to Imported eBay Items.

All imported items will be marked with an "i" icon () within the All Launched and Active categories.



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