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6.1. Will eBay Profile Update remove active content?

Yes, the eBay Profile Update utility will remove active content.

When used, the utility will automatically remove Javascript from your listings and replace any old "Click to Enlarge" code (which used Javascript) with a newer version (that doesn't use it). The utility will also convert any image URL formats that have been discontinued (e.g. URLs preceded by "img4" or "app") to our new format (e.g. URLs preceded by "imgsrv" or "images"), and change URLs using HTTP to use HTTPS (to make them secure).

To reach the utility, navigate to Listings > Utilities > Seller Profiles. Then, next to a profile, go to its "Actions" option list and choose "eBay Update".

For information on how to use the eBay Update Utility, please see our eBay Update article.

( i ) Old SSB Showcase: In fall 2016, eBay announced that active content would no longer be allowed on eBay, and set a deadline of June 2017. The original SSB Showcase contained active content, so we advised subscribers to use the utility to remove it from their listings while we worked on a new version. The current version of our showcase does not contain any active content whatsoever, so it complies with eBay's active content mandate.

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