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3.1. Image Utilities: Create a Collage

Images > Utilities > Create a Collage

Layout: The number of images across by the number of images down.
Width: represents the size of the completed collage in pixels.
Padding: determines the amount of space between the images.
Shadow: adds a shadow to each image in the collage. We do not recommend using it for any eBay's EPS images. The default value for Shadow is set to 0.
Note: using shadow causes large file sizes!




Alternatively, you may click on any image placeholder in the layout grid and the image chooser will open so that you may select an image.



 Clicking on a selected image will open the image chooser so that you may select another image to replace it. 


Once you have saved an image, we bring you to the Image Manager to view the saved image. All collage images have the prefix "collage_" added to your image name so that these images can be distinguished.

You will find these images in the "New Uploads" category.

Collage images may be embedded within your listings, using the image chooser.


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