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13.7. May I change the SKU when editing a scheduled listing?

It is not permitted to edit the SKU of a scheduled inventory listing. The SKU field will be locked.

If you do not wish to list against the SKU, or wish to use a different SKU, please use the "Delete" action to delete the job.  This will return the allocated inventory to the SKU, increasing the Quantity Available to List by the quantity that had been specified in your deleted job.

Then, choose the correct SKU from your inventory work space and choose the "List Item" action to list and reschedule your item.

In the case of non-inventory listings where a SKU had been entered, you may edit them to change to a different SKU, but you may not allocate from inventory. If you have scheduled a non-inventory listing, but then change your mind and want to convert it to an inventory-based listing, please delete the job and then list from the inventory work space.


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