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2.5. View History Action

View History:

Opens a window that shows your currently listed and scheduled items, as well as sold items and inventory adjustments.

Near the top of this screen, you should see two action buttons toward the left (List Item and View/Print All History), and a Cancel button toward the right.

List Item: Starts a new listing for your inventory item. This is similar to using the List Item action from the Inventory List view.

View/Print All History: Displays a report of all transactions associated with your inventory item. We highly recommend printing such a report for your reference before deleting any inventory items from your SSB account.

Cancel: Returns you to the Inventory List.

After the information related to your inventory item (Image, Item (name), SKU, Quantity On Hand, Quantity Available, and Quantity Sold), there is an additional informational section. The Summary tab (which shows the numbers for all sections) is selected by default, but there are also individual tabs for Listed, Scheduled, Sold, and Inventory Adjustment.

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