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2.2. Update QTY

Update Qty:

Opens the inventory Action window. This window allows you to increase or decrease quantities of your item for various reasons. There are several options here:

Stocking or Restocking an item:

To add a start quantity (if not entered when the item was first created), or to restock an item, select "Increase by" and input your quantity. Choose the reason, "Restock." Make any needed notes and then click Update Quantity.

Recording Sales:

Generally, if using the SSB eBay Listing Launcher, sales will be recorded automatically based on eBay's orders data returned to us, and your inventory will be updated accordingly, so you don't have to record these sales yourself.

However, if you have listed to eBay directly, or to a different marketplace, such as Amazon, we won't know you had a sale. It is up to you to record such sales. This is where you may decrease your quantity and record a sale. At quantity, choose "Decrease by" and input the quantity sold. For the Reason, choose "Sale."

If you had copied code from SSB and had recorded the listing number on our code page, then the Listing Number option list will already show your listing numbers. Select the listing number and then input your sold price. Enter any notes needed and then click "Update Quantity." If the listing number had not been previously recorded, please select, "Other Unlisted" and enter the listing number. Choose the marketplace from the option list. Finally, enter any needed notes and click Update Quantity.


If a seller returns an item, you'll want to add it back to your inventory so that it's available to list again. You must do this even if an item was listed with the eBay launcher. To do this, select "Increase by" and enter the quantity. Choose the reason, "Return." Choose the listing number (if shown), or choose "Other unlisted" and enter it. Enter any needed notes and then click Update Quantity. When you record your return, the Quantity on Hand and the Quantity Available (to list) will increase by the quantity you entered.

Removing items from inventory:

If an item is damaged, or needs to be removed from inventory for any other reason, select "Decrease by" and enter the quantity. Choose the reason "Damaged/Removed." Enter any notes if needed and click Update Quantity. The quantity will be deducted from Quantity on Hand and from Quantity Available (to list).

Other adjustments:

We provide a way to record an increase or decrease to inventory for other reasons. To do so, select "Increase by" or "Decrease by" and enter a quantity. Select the Reason, "Other." Make any important notes and click Update Quantity.

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