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1.3. Adding Inventory

Listings > Prepare > Inventory Items

You will reach the Main Inventory List View.

In the Action Bar, click on the button Add Inventory Item.

At the "Inventory Add" window, fill out the information requested.

The following fields are required: Item (name), Description, and SKU. We also recommend entering a Start Quantity and the GTIN (if applicable), though you will be able to add these values later by using the Edit action. Note that if you use the List Item action to start a listing for this inventory item, the information you entered here will be used to prefill the appropriate fields.

Item (required): The name of your item. When using the List Item action, this text will prefill the Item Header in the Listing Generator.

Image: The image you wish to use for product identification. When using the List Item action, this image will be inserted as the first image in the Listing Generator. Click on the "Add an Image" button to select an image from your SSB Image Manager, or click on the "Upload an Image" to open the Image Uploader.

( i ) Tip: If you typically use multiple images for a particular item, we suggest starting an inventory listing via the regular New Listing page, instead of using the List Item action. Add all the images for your item, and save the listing as a draft. Then, when you launch from that draft, simply fill in your item's SKU and our system will automatically allocate your quantity for this inventory item.

Description (required): The product description for your item. When using the List Item action, this text will prefill the Item Description in the Listing Generator.

Start Quantity: The total quantity of this item that you possess and intend to eventually sell. Though not required when adding a new inventory item, we recommend entering this value as soon as possible, so we may calculate available quantities for you as your items sell.

SKU (required): Your personal unique identifier for the item. A SKU is always required when listing inventory items, to track your inventory. When using the List Item action, this SKU will prefill when you reach the Listing Launcher.

GTIN: This is the UPC, EAN, or ISBN or your item, if applicable. If your item has a GTIN, we recommend selecting the type and entering the number. If you don't have a GTIN, leave the type as "none" and the text as the default, "Does not apply." When using the List Item action, this GTIN will prefill when you reach the Listing Launcher.

Category: This is an optional field you may use to help organize your items. If you type a new category name here, an inventory item category will be made automatically. In the Inventory Items workspace, you will be able to select which category you're viewing.

When finished, click on the "Add Item" button to be returned to the Inventory Items workspace.

(Note: If you made a mistake and need to edit the inventory item you just made, simply select Edit from that item's Actions menu.)

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