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1.1. Introduction

SSB's basic inventory program helps manage your inventory. You must be subscribed to SSB Deluxe and your Site Preferences set to use the "Advanced" Listing Generator. 

The inventory program allows you to create a list of items that you usually stock and to allocate inventory as you list to eBay or other marketplaces. As items are sold on launcher-supported eBay sites (currently US, CA, UK, AU and Motors), or on Bonanza.com, our system will automatically record your sales based on eBay's orders information and adjust inventory accordingly.

For items that are sold within other marketplaces where the listing is made by copying and pasting code from SSB, we provide a way to allocate your inventory at the time you get your code, and a way to record your sales when they occur.

Currently, the inventory system supports auction-style and fixed price multi-quantity listings for eBay, and fixed-price listings for Bonanza.com. We have plans to support multi-variations in a future version. 

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