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2.3. Cancel subscription

Before choosing this option, if you're experiencing any difficulties with our program, please contact our help desk so that we may provide you with assistance.

If you are canceling because you are going to be selling on a different listing site, did you know you can use SSB on any listing site that allows you to enter your own HTML? For information on posting your listings to other selling venues, please contact support.

If your cancellation is not due to an issue with our site, and you would prefer to cancel, here's how:

Please login to your account and go to the home page of our site and look for the heading "Your SSB Account" at the left hand side. Click on the "Cancel Subscription" link.

You will be brought to a page entitled, "Cancelling Your Subscription."

This page will contain a survey. We would very much appreciate your input so that we may continue to improve our program to meet the needs of sellers.

IMPORTANT to Stop the billing:

After you have completed the survey on SSB, next please cancel your billing with PayPal to ensure they no longer make subscription payments on your behalf.

Login to your Paypal account.
At the upper right hand corner of the top blue bar, click on the gear icon.
At the next page, click on the Payments option.
Click Manage Automatic Payments
At the left menu, you'll see SSB/ST Development - click on it. 
You'll see your subscription is in Active status. Click on the Cancel button.
You will be prompted, "Cancel your future automatic payments to SSB/ST Development"
Click the button, Cancel Automatic Payments.
Click the button, Done.
You will be returned to the page showing your SSB subscription and it will now be marked as "Inactive" status.

Please Note: When your paid time has expired your photos will be immediately removed.


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