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1.1. Overview

You must use the iOS Listing Launcher application if listing with an iPhone or iPad. With this application, you may prepare and launch listings directly to eBay US.  We have broken the listing process into steps.
When you first login, we ask you what you are selling. Enter a meaningful title and tap Go. Otherwise, you may cancel and proceed directly to the listing steps.
We load your default profile. You may tap any seller profile in the list to choose that one instead. When finished, go to the next step by tapping Title.
As you enter the required information for each step, you'll see a green checkmark. When finished, tap the Review & Launch pane to review your listing and then Launch it to eBay. 
If you need any help along the way, tap the gear icon at the top to reach the preferences page from where you may send us an email.
Features not supported at this time, but planned for future versions!
__Up to 100 images embedded in the template
__MIYO templates
__Bold title, Gallery Plus and Value Pack promotions 
__eBay Motors categories
__Store categories
__Ability to define your own item specifics (add your own)
__Shipping discounts/promotions
__Freight shipping type
__Global Shipping Program
__Create, edit or delete business policies (existing policies are supported if you are opted in)
__International Site Visibility (cross-border trade)
__End Item

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