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2.10. Upgrade Subscription

To upgrade your subscription please go through our renewal form. PayPal will not allow us to change someone's subscription plan otherwise we would gladly get this switched over for you. PayPal also does not give us the ability to apply remaining balances to new subscriptions. How we work around this is to send a prorated refund for any paid time you may having remaining on your original subscription.

Here is how to do the upgrade. Please go to the following page on SSB and login with your user name and password:

On the next screen choose the subscription you would like from the drop down menu and then click the order button. You will then be taken to PayPal to make the subscription payment. Once this has been done your account is all renewed under your new plan.

Please send us an email when you have done the subscription upgrade process. We will cancel out your current subscription billing and have a prorated refund sent back to your PayPal account for any paid time you had remaining.

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