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1.8. Listing Generator: Copy URL

You can use the Copy URL feature to create a page of images with a url that you can use in your listings or that you can send to someone to view. 

To do this, you need a seller profile set to a non-launcher site.   This can be any of the sites listed we have listed EXCEPT Bonanza, and eBay (US, UK, Canada, Australia, or Motors).  If you already have a profile for a site other than those, then skip to the next section ("Creating a Page of Multiple Images").


Create Seller Profile for a Non-Launcher Site

1. Go to Listings > Seller Profiles.

2. Click Create New Profile.

3. From the Listing Site drop-down menu, choose any site EXCEPT Bonanza or eBay.

4. Enter any random text into the [site name] Seller ID text field.  It does not matter what you type in this field.

5. Name your profile and click Save.


Creating a Page of Multiple Images

1. Go to Listings > New Listing.

2. Click close in the top right corner of the template select window as a template will NOT appear on your page of images.

3. Choose your non-launcher-supported Seller Profile from the drop-down under Seller Profile Summary.

4. Add your images to the listing, either by uploading or through the Image Manager.

5. On the Action Bar, URL for Images.  Note: If you do not see this button on your action bar, make sure you are using a non-launcher-supported Seller Profile.

6. Select/Highlight the URL and copy it

7. In a new browser window or tab, paste this URL to view your page of images.  Make sure this page looks like you want it to.


Shortening the URL

The URL obtained from Seller Sourcebook is long, you may wish to use a URL shortener to make it easier to share.  Here are a couple of options.



Go to: http://tinyurl.com/

In the text field labeled "Enter a long URL to make tiny".  Paste your link there and click 'Make TinyURL!'


Google's URL shortener

Go to: https://goo.gl/

In the text field labeled "Paste your long URL here".  Paste your link there and click 'Shorten URL'



Go to: https://bitly.com/

In the text field at the top right corner of the page labeled "Paste a link to shorten it".  Paste your link there.  You may need to click the 'Shorten' button, or it may automatically shorten it for you.


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