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8.1. Android Mobile Image Uploader


SSB has an image uploader app available for Android devices. The app is free and only requires you have an active SSB account.

Download App:

The app is currently unavailable on the Google Play Store, as we are updating it to meet their new requirements.

Although the old version of our SSB Uploader (Version 1.0.5) is no longer on the Google Play Store, it may still be used. You can click on the following link to download the old version's APK file:

APK file for SSB Uploader 1.0.5

Once the APK file is downloaded to your phone, all you need to do is use your phone's file explorer to locate it, and tap on the file to "open" it. Your phone should ask if you wish to install the APK file, and the app installation will begin if you agree.

[!] If your phone does not allow you to download or install the file, please check our APK File Installation FAQ. If you are still unable to install the app, please contact SSB Support for further assistance.

How to Upload Images with the Android Uploader:

To begin, open the SSB Uploader app on your Android device.

Login Page:

Enter your SSB Username and Password and tap Sign in to continue.

Main Page:

In the middle of the page, two upload options are available: Upload From Gallery and Upload From Camera.

Upload From Gallery: Tap this option to choose from existing photos your phone. A page should open showing all of your phone's images, sorted from most to least recent. (If your images are not shown, check your phone settings to make sure that SSB Uploader has permission to access your photos.) Tap on an photo to select it. You may select up to 25 images to upload. If you change your mind about an image, simply tap it again to deselect it. You can also tap Cancel to deselect everything and return to the main page without uploading anything. Once your images are selected, tap OK, and your selected images will begin uploading.

Upload From Camera: Tap this option to take a new photo. Your phone's camera app should open. (If it does not, check your phone settings to make sure that SSB Uploader has permission to use your phone's camera.) Take the photo. If it didn't come out right, tap Retry and take the photo again. Otherwise, tap OK, and the photo you took will automatically begin uploading.


A progress bar for your uploading image(s) will be shown. When it reaches 100%, and your upload is complete, you will be returned to the main page.


If you tap the 3-dot menu icon in the top right of the Main Page, a menu will open with three options: learn About the app's current version, move to the Settings page, or Email support.


Here, you can set the Width and Quality you want your photos to have when uploaded to our server. Tap Category to choose an Image Manager category, or create a new one by choosing the Custom Category option, entering a name, and tapping Ok. (Note: Custom Category is the first option in the Category list, above Uncategorized. You may need to scroll up to see it.) The new custom category will be shown on the Settings page preceded by "Custom:" (for example: "Custom:Flowers").


If you have a Watermark established in your web account, you have the option of watermarking your images. Checkmark the checkbox to use a watermark, or un-check it to leave it out. (If you do not have a watermark, no watermark will be added, regardless of whether the box is checked or not.)

When you're satisfied with the current settings, simply tap the Back button on your Android device to return to the main page and start uploading with your new image and watermark settings.


Here, you can Log out of SSB Uploader, if desired.

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