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8.2. iPhone & iPad Mobile Image Uploader


SSB has an image uploader app available for iOS devices. The app is free and only requires you have an active SSB account.

Download App:

The app can be downloaded using the following links:

US iTunes Store
UK iTunes Store
AU iTunes Store

How to Upload Images with the iOS Uploader:

To begin, open the SSB Uploader app on your iPhone or iPad.

Login Page:

Enter your SSB Username and Password and tap Login to continue.

Main Page:

Tap the camera icon to get started. A menu will open with the options Take a photo and Import from library.

Take a photo: Tap this option to take a new photo. Your phone's camera app should open. (If it does not, check your phone settings to make sure that SSB Uploader has permission to use your phone's camera.) Take the photo. If it didn't come out right, tap Retake and take the photo again. Otherwise, tap Use Photo. You will be returned to the main page, and the photo you took will be automatically added to the upload list.

Import from library: Tap this option to choose from existing photos your phone. Your photo folders should appear. (If they do not check your phone settings to make sure that SSB Uploader has permission to access your photos.) Tap the relevant photo folder. When it opens, tap on each image you wish to upload. Tap Done to add the photos to the upload list and be returned to the main uploader page. Repeat if necessary.

Repeat either process as needed to add more photos to the upload list. You may select up to 25 photos total.

If you change your mind about uploading any of the images in the upload list, tap the unwanted image. A green checkmark will appear. Tap Delete Selected, then OK.

When you're ready to upload the images in your upload list, tap Upload.


Upload progress for is shown via blue progress bars for each image. When an image has been successfully uploaded, a green checkmark should appear to the right of its progress bar. When all uploads are done, you may tap Continue to start another upload session. You will be returned to the main upload page, and the upload list will be empty.

Before an upload session is complete, you can tap Cancel to abort the upload partway through. All images that had already uploaded will stay uploaded, and most images that had started to upload (the progress bar was beginning to fill) will likely be uploaded, but the images that were still waiting in the queue will be dropped.


You can tap the 3-line menu icon in the top right of the Main Page to reach the Settings page.


Here, you can set the Quality and Width you want your photos to have when uploaded to our server. When you first use the app, these will match the settings used in your web account. However, if you change the settings in the app, they will be retained until they are changed again. Tap Category to choose an Image Manager category, or create a new one by choosing the Custom option, entering a name, and tapping OK. If you have a Watermark established in your web account, you will also be given the option of watermarking your images. Toggle the switch on to use a watermark, or off to leave it out. (If you do not have a watermark, this option will be greyed out, and no watermark will be added regardless of where the switch is set.) Space Available is not a changeable setting. It shows, in MB, the amount of image hosting space available in your SSB account. For example, if Space Available reads "255.3", it means you have 255.3 MB of space left in your account.

When you're satisfied with the current settings, simply tap the back arrow in the top left to return to the main page and start uploading with your new image settings.


Here, you can check the app's current Version, Email Support, or Logout.

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